Monday, July 6, 2015

Love Letter to Non-Mom Friends

I always heard when you had a baby your friends would change - Your childless BFFs would slowly be phased out of your life, and the people with kids around you would become your new lifeline. And while I have made some amazing new mommy friends who I could not have got through these first few motherhood months without, I have come to appreciate my non-mom friends more than ever. Here's why:

Non-Mom Friends Can Go Out Late
It's a rare night that I have the energy to go out for a nice dinner and glass of wine, but when it happens I need someone who is down to go out NOW. Mom friends are often busy with their families, or tired, or it's their night to go out tomorrow. It is difficult to make two mom's schedules work together.
Thank you non-mom friend, for always being there for me whenever it works for me.

Non-Mom Friends Don't Talk About Kids
I love my son, and I love talking about him. But I spend the majority of my awake time with him. My mom friends and I can talk about nap training and poop texture and milestones for hours. And sometimes it all just gets a bit monochromatic. Sometimes I want to talk about anything other than kids. I want to hear about a life that doesn't involve kids. I want to not even say the word 'kids' for an evening.
Thank you non-mom friend, for helping me remember the other aspects of my life to talk about.

Non-Mom Friends Look Current
Since I had my son I have not kept up with fashion trends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not always in sweats and a tank top, but when I do dress up it's in clothes I bought before I got pregnant. My shopping experience has gone from a leisurely enjoyable day to a ten minute scramble where I grab anything in my size, try to fit my stroller into a change room, and hope my son doesn't have a meltdown before I can find something that (please!) just fits.
Thank you non-mom friend, for being my go-to gal for what is on trend in the current year.

Non-Mom Friends Can Drink
I used to be able to party pretty hard. I don't know if I am bragging or complaining, but a fact is a fact. Nowadays having a few too many drinks is slightly frightening, because with a baby there is no sleeping off a hangover. But sometimes, I need to let loose. Sometimes I need a friend who is going to share a bottle of wine with me and then not hesitate to order another, because they don't have to get up at 6am and be responsible for another human.
Thank you non-mom friend, for being a great girl to get wasted with.

So here's to all the non-mom friends who help to ground and lighten the lives of moms all over the world. You are unselfish and so supportive of us. We love you!

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