Friday, May 8, 2015

Fundamental Post Baby Changes

I am now almost 6 months postpartum and have begun to notice some really really super serious fundamental changes to my personality. Things I would have never thought or done before are now commonplace. Below are 6 examples of what I mean.

Leggings are absolutely acceptable pants.
In my 20s I talked a lot of shit on women who wore leggings as pants. Especially when they weren't the most fit people. Well thank you world, because you have taught me a lesson. Spandex are 100% fine to wear out anywhere at anytime. You see, even though I've lost the majority of my 'baby weight', my body is not the same. Things are in different places. My pre-pregnancy pants were bought for a body that doesn't exist anymore. It's not about being fatter or bigger, its about being a different shape. I don't think I would have worn pants at all in the months after giving birth if it wasn't for these stretchy gifts from god. So legging ladies, I formally apologize for my stupid judgmental ways.