Sunday, December 21, 2014

Parental Over-Posters

Many people who see the link to this blog won't click on it. Some have genuinely zero interest in kids or parenting issues, or my thoughts, but others won't out of a deep annoyance with the new parents in their life.

And who can blame them? A large percentage of new parents are what I call 'over-posters'. All of their social media platforms are riddled with pictures of their kids. All of their status updates or tweets are about babies, breastfeeding, or how many times they have been shit on today. They post 6 photos of Suzie at the park instead of picking the one best that gets the point across. They basically never post anything other than child related things, like they have no life outside of their kids.

Well I've just discovered something that might make those people who are annoyed lighten up a bit:

These new parents actually have no other life to post about.