Thursday, July 16, 2015

7 Ways My 8 Month Old is Exactly Like A Dog

It's become very clear lately that my 8 month old son has a lot in common with a dog.

Here are 7 examples of what I mean:

1) The most obvious: he crawls on all fours. 

2) He loves to carry things around in his mouth. 

3) I find myself shouting commands like 'no', 'get down', and 'stay' at him. 

4) He does this weird rocking back and forth movement on all fours that looks suspiciously like a dog humping things. 

5) He eats any food off the floor and enjoys it. 

6) His toys and a dogs toys are surprisingly interchangeable. 

7) Any shoe left within his reach will absolutely get chewed on. 

Has anyone else noticed this with their kids?

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