Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Miserable Milestones Every Parent Dreads

Milestones are a way to gauge if your child is 'normal', and often you will hear parents bragging that their kids reached this one or that one like they are a genius or something. But what they don't tell you is a lot of these markers of development are not so fantastic. In fact some of them are downright awful.

You see, a growing developing child is experiencing so many new sensations and realizing so many new things, that their little brains and bodies can't process it all. And that means a lot of these amazing milestones are actually torturous for both your child and you. Here are just a few of the miserable milestones every parent can expect to experience...

Temper Tantrum- The first time your child throws a full on, rolling on the floor temper tantrum in a public place.

- The first time your child swears.

- The first time your child throws up adult style (no baby puke anymore).

- The first time your child's feelings are hurt.

- The first time your child hurts your feelings.

- The first time your child gets injured.

- The first time your child realizes what death is.

- The first time your child manipulates you.

- All of your child's first teeth.

Oh what joyous times lie ahead!
Let me know what miserable milestones I missed in the comments below!

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