Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fashion Gift Ideas For The New Mom

OK OK... I know what your thinking. Fashion... New moms.... Oxymoron right? With mother's day around the corner I got to thinking about how much a really nice fashion gift would have been when I first had my son. I was in a fashion rut because I was so not willing to buy anything for myself. So this Mother's Day let's help the new moms in our lives out with a cute fashion gift for them, so they don't have to worry about it figuring it out themselves.

As a new mom the name of the game for me was comfort. But comfortable doesn't have to mean wearing PJs for 3 days straight (even though we have all done it... or was that just me?). So while you won't find any pencil skirts in this list, I tried to take these gift ideas up a notch from what I would normally buy myself. I think they are fashion gift ideas that every new mom would love to have in her arsenal.

A Really Really Nice Basic T-Shirt 
I don't know about you but when a t-shirt costs over $25 I can't bring myself to buy it. But the truth is there is often a reason for the higher price. The quality is better, it fits better, you feel better. A super good quality t-shirt will make a new moms day, because the simple comfort will be a step up from the bargain bin milk-covered t-shirts she's used to. Bonus points: Not see-through and not white.

New Mom Gift - T Shirt
Cry It Out Mom Gift Pick: Very light jersey V-Neck, $48, Splendid

Lululemon Yoga Pants
I know, cliche right? But the truth is, they do fit and look great. And they beat the hell out of the Old Navy knock-offs that I have. Plus, it sometimes just feels good to wear something expensive, and bonus points for the high rise tummy help.

New Mom Gift - Lululemon
Cry It Out Mom Gift Pick: Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise), $98, Lululemon

A Great Pair of Jeans
 A huge milestone for many postpartum women is when they fit back into their jeans again, but if they are anything like me, although the waist fit, everything else didn't seem quite right. My body shape had changed. This might be tough to buy as a gift for someone, but you could get her a gift card for a place known for their jeans, and allow her to feel fantastic no matter her shape.

New Mom Gift - Jeans

Cry It Out Mom Gift Pick: 501 CT Jeans for Women (Morning Haze), $108, Levi's

A Cool Cover Up
Speaking of postpartum bodies, I certainly didn't feel like flaunting everything immediately after I gave birth. Long cardigans were a life saver for covering the parts I wasn't ready to show off.

New Mom Gift - Cardigan

Cry It Out Mom Gift Pick: DESIGN LAB LORD & TAYLOR Open-Front Plaid Cardigan, Clearance price $50, The Bay

A Fab Bracelet
Moms realize pretty quickly that wearing long earrings and necklaces with a baby attached to your hip is a recipe for disaster. A great bracelet adds some bling to an outfit without the fear of having your earlobe ripped out or your favourite necklace broken.

New Mom Gift - Bracelet
Cry It Out Mom Gift Pick: Architecture Hinge Cuff, $50, Banana Republic

A Beautiful Scarf
Not only do scarfs add some pop to an outfit, but they are also super functional for breastfeeding moms. And they double as shade for a sunny day, or cloth for when the worst happens. Patterns are a must to hide the inevitable.

New Mom Gift - Scarf

Cry It Out Mom Gift Pick: Tropical Print Scarf, $30, Zara

Super Cute Flats
Who has time to tie laces? Not this mama. But after not being able to even reach my feet while I was pregnant I really wanted to have a cut pair of shoes postpartum. Flats are functional, easy, comfy, and cute. Bottom line, you cant really go wrong with them.

New Mom Gift - Flats
Cry It Out Mom Gift Pick: Single Lady, $140, Nine West 

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