Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reflections On 3 Months

As I nursed you tonight
I had a little cry. 
Thinking of this 3 months 
and how fast it's gone by. 

3 months ago today
we met for the first time. 
Your first moments lying on my chest
were pure joy - no crying. 

Looking down now I see
just how much you've grown. 
So much changed so fast;
I wish I would have known. 

I touch your little legs...
Way bigger than they used to be!
You learn so much every day. 
And you're constantly teaching me. 

It's been hard at times,
but you're worth every tear. 
So many changes in 3 months
I can't fathom the year. 

As I lay you down,
you grab tightly onto my shirt. 
Keep that grip, and I'll carry you
through all the joy and hurt. 


  1. Beautiful! You put a tear in my eye! I have a 3 month old now and I can't imagine the year mark! You are already there, but I'm enjoying reading your journey!

    1. Thank you! I haven't read this since I posed it, and it's strange to see it now after a year. Thank you for commenting and letting me go back there!