Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ten Things You Need For Your Newborn

When I was pregnant I never really got the nesting urge. I think part of the problem was I really didn't know what the hell I needed to buy. I had almost nothing for the baby around my due date, so I made a couple panicked shopping trips stocking up on random things. On top of this I never had a baby shower so I didn't have much given to me.

And guess what? I survived just fine with the little I had, and what I didn't have, but needed, I figured out very quickly and went and bought it (or more precisely had someone go buy for me). So with this in mind, here are my ten things every new mom needs to have to get through the first month - The real basics that will guide you past that crazy haze, so you don't have useless clutter during an already overwhelming month:

1) Car seat
Required to bring baby home in car. I have the Chicco KeyFit 30 and I love it. 

2) Diapers and Wipes
Buy newborn size diapers. My guy was 9lbs 6oz and he wore newborn for the first 2 weeks. Just buy one box though and see if you want to go up a size after, or try a different brand. I like pampers, I found Huggies leaked, but it's a personal preference. 
If you plan on cloth diapering I'd suggest waiting at least a month because newborns seriously pee and poo constantly. It slows down after a month or so (thank baby Jesus). 
My guy got a diaper rash pretty much right away, so I stopped using baby wipes and now use paper towel that I dip into water mixed with baking soda. I just do this when needed, but you can also pre-make your own wipes. (And for the record my son hasn't had diaper rash since switching). 

3) Bouncy Chair
This is one thing I didn't think of and my dad went out and bought for me on day two. You are going to need a place to sit the baby in. Preferably look for something compact so you can take it into the bathroom, because you will need to do that. Also something with removable toys to look at is ideal for playtime/ off for nap time. 

4) Zip Up Sleepers and Snap Crotch Onsies 
Screw the pants and shoes and anything else that isn't easy. You don't have time for those right now. What's important is comfort for your baby and simplicity for you. As I mentioned, newborns poop and pee A LOT. You'll get pretty sick of complicated outfits very fast. 

5) Receiving Blankets
These simple pieces of cloth meant for catching puke will double as change pad covers, breast pads, blankets, and so on...

6) Soothers
I tried to not use a soother. I lasted about two weeks. I don't know why I bothered. Life is so much better with one. 

7) Stroller with Basinette 
The bassinet attachment in a stroller can double as the baby bed easily for the first month. I actually still haven't bought a crib because with breastfeeding it's really nice to have the baby right next to you in your room, and our bassinet fits perfectly next to the bed. We bought the Baby Jogger City Select stroller. It's a bit heavy but maneuvers amazing and plows through the snow on our winter walks. 

8) A Dresser that Doubles as a Change Table
I was looking at change tables when I was pregnant and my family convinced me to get a dresser and just put a change pad on it. I did, and am so happy. A change table just seems like such a waste of money now! I found a perfect height dresser on kijiji for $100. 

9) Nursing Pillow
Breastfeeding is hard. It's not only hard on your boobs but it's hard on your back and shoulders too. A nursing pillow really helped me while I was getting used to feeding my little one. It also doubles as a great propping up device when they are a bit older for play time on your lap. 

10) Diaper Bag
You're going to be carrying this around for the next long while, so splurge and get yourself something you really like! It will replace your purse. 

Things that you will want eventually, but can wait:
*Baby Carrier: At a month you will want some type of carrier to free up your hands and go for walks. I bought a woven wrap and it took too much time to get my baby in so he got fed up. I now have the Baby Bjorn and it's perfect. 
*Baby Bath: Bathe with baby in the bath until they are a bit older. It's great bonding and keeps the baby nice and warm! A special bath can wait until you get a feel for what you need. 
*Toys: Toys really won't start getting used until after a month. 
*Breast pump: Figure out if you are going to breastfeed before buying one. Breastfeeding is hard and might not be for you. 
*Bottles: Give breastfeeding a shot, and then buy bottles once you know how many you need. 
*Formula: If you are exclusively breastfeeding you will have no need for formula, and it expires, so buy when you need it. 
*Video baby monitor -  You pretty much have your eye on your babe all the time in the first month. But once you can let go a bit a video monitor is great. I have the Levana Astra and it's awesome. 
*White noise machine: This helps drown out the household noise during naps, and signals bedtime to your baby. 
*Playmat: Great for helping your baby develop skills and entertain them!

That's my list. What do you think are the must haves for the first month? Share your wisdom in the comments below. 

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