Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ask Me If I'm Pregnant: I Dare You

About 5 years ago I had someone ask me when I was due. I had my first child in late 2014.
You do the math; It was crushing.

Yes, even this big, don't assume.
 I have never been a thin small woman, but I certainly don't think I have ever looked 6+ months pregnant (except for when I actually was pregnant, and I looked about 17+ months). I'm not sure what prompts people to inquire about a woman's pregnancy when they aren't positive, but it needs to stop. And I have a very easy plan I think we can all get on board with.

At the time I was asked about being pregnant I responded in a super awkward way. I was worried about making that jerk feel bad, so I lied and told them I actually was with child. Later I went home and felt so sorry for myself that I ate a bag of chips and then felt guilty for perpetuating the habits that apparently made me look visibly pregnant.

The comment affected me quite a bit, which is obvious considering I am writing about it 5 years later. But I think what makes me most upset is how I handled it. That person needed to be taught a lesson, and instead I clammed up and left them to go stab at other women's self esteem in the future.

So here's the very simple plan to end this problem:

1) Don't ever ask a woman if she is pregnant. Literally ever.

2) If you are ever asked if you are pregnant, and you are not, shame the fuck out of that person. Tell them it is incredibly rude to ask. Tell them you absolutely are not, and that they should never ever ask that question of anyone again. Make them feel so bad that they never even dare to ask another woman if she is pregnant, because obviously they have horrible judgement, and shouldn't be trusted with talking to strangers in an acceptable respectable way.

Two steps. That's it. If you follow these simple instructions we just may eliminate this awkward situation from ever happening again.

So share this blog and lets get this movement started!


  1. YES! I'd never mention it until they do, even if they're duck waddling!

  2. YES! I'd never mention it until they do, even if they're duck waddling!

  3. Before we started telling people we were expecting (and I was starting to show), if someone brought it up first, I would joke "so, you think I look fat?"

  4. wow!! i was just looking for something like this.. thank you soo much!! really appreaciate it