Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Falling While Carrying a Baby...

ripped jeans
Ripped Jeans Are Cool, Right?

...Or: How To Get That Authentic Ripped-Jeans Look

I am no stranger to clumsiness. I have almost fallen a good number of times while holding my son. But I've always managed to steady myself. Until yesterday.

Now in the grand scheme of things my fall was nothing. Falling with a baby can be devastating. This story was thankfully only damaging to my jeans. And maybe my ego.

You know that kind of fall that leaves you no moment to recover? That's what this was. I was leaving a breakfast restaurant with my son on one hip and a diaper bag over my shoulder, when I suddenly found myself on the ground. I don't even remember falling; it was that fast. My first thought, as any mom's would be, was "is my son OK?" Thankfully he was still exactly where he was before the fall; Happily smiling in my arms.

boy touches scrape
Does This Hurt?

It took me a minute to realize what had happened. I looked back and saw a slick patch of ice behind me, while a woman ran over to see if I was hurt. I told her I was fine, even though my knee was bleeding and I could feel a pull in one side of my body, likely from compensating for the weight of my son. But nothing was broken. My eyes welled with tears from the initial pain, but my boy was OK. That's all that mattered.

A mother's instinct shocks me sometimes. I fell in such a way that my son wasn't even phased. It was so quick that I can't even remember it, yet my body sacrificed itself for the safety of my child.

Which brings me to my new stylish jeans...

You know how ridiculous it seems when you see new jeans for sale with manufactured rips in them? I will never make fun of them again, because authentic rips really hurt.

New motto: Spend the cash, save the pain.

mom and boy

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